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Sileby Parish Councillors has agreed to review arrangements for the annual Christmas light switch on event and before making any decisions they wish to seek the views of interested people in the village from both the business community and parishioners.

The event has become more successful each year and Christmas 2018 proved to be even more popular. The number of stalls needing accommodating has grown as has the number of people attending. This is understandable given the village has grown in size. This does, however, mean that a review of the current arrangements needs to be carried out to ensure that we maximise people's enjoyment at the event whilst keeping them safe.

Councillors are keen to hear your views and you can do this in two ways; attend an informal discussion with councillors at the Community Centre on Thursday, 21February 2019 at
6.00 pm, or email your views to the Parish Clerk at by
8 March 2019.

Councillors are particularly interested in your views on the following:


The cost of the Christmas Lights currently costs the Parish in excess of £20,000, £3,000 of this is to have the 'Switch On' Event, and these costs are rising. Do you support the continued spend on this village event? If so, do you have any views on how the money might be better spent on the event or how savings might be made?


Community Centre – this year there were too many people in the Community Centre to guarantee people's comfort and safety. It is essential that we address this issue if we are to continue using the Community Centre as part of the event. We can only have a maximum of 300 people in the Community Centre, and if you take into account Stallholders, Safety Marshalls, Staff and Volunteers, there is probably enough capacity for 240 residents. We have found that in previous years some residents come in when the Community Centre first opens and have a coffee and a mince pie, and then stay for the duration of the evening.

Your views are sought on whether or not we should continue to use the Community Centre as part of the event? If so, how might we make it safer?

Road Safety – the growing number of people attending the event cannot be accommodated safely within the current traffic management plan and we are restricted as to what roads we can close, for example we are unable to close High Street. Do you have any views on how we might continue the event whilst making it safe for people to attend?


Councillors are keen to ensure that, if the event is to continue, it caters for the majority of the village. Do you feel that any particular section of people in the community are excluded e.g. our older people or people with disabilities? How might we make the event more inclusive?

Business Involvement

The involvement of businesses and village organisations in the event is paramount to the success of the event and councillors are keen to grow this where possible. Views are sought from business owners and organisations in the village on whether or not you feel your business might be more involved in the evening's entertainment and services provided to villagers attending the event. As a business, what changes might enable you to be better involved in the event?

We look forward to receiving your feedback

Posted: Wed, 13 Feb 2019 11:30 by Julie Lovatt

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