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We only cut grass for safety reasons, not appearance. Clippings are left on the verge as the sheer amount means we couldn't collect them. Leaving them is also good for the environment, as nutrients get passed back into the soil.

Sometimes we aren't able to cut grass on a verge, this could be due to:

A parked vehicle, daffodils or wild flowers in bloom, decorative stones or bins left out

Grass cutting is very dependent on the weather. In the same way that you would struggle to cut your lawn whilst it is raining, long wet grass can clog up the blades in our tractors and mowers. Long grass also tends to flatten a little when it's wet, so it's more difficult for the cutting heads to cut the grass to a consistent height. As the weather improves so will the quality of cut.

Posted: Thu, 04 Apr 2019 11:31 by Julie Lovatt

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